Tie the Knot With Some Assistance

Tie the Knot With Some Assistance

Get the extra help you need as you prepare for your wedding

Reach out to Weddings by Stacey to sign up for our assisted package. Our assisted package is similar to our month-of package, but it includes several upgrades. In addition to everything we handle with the month-of package, we'll also take care of:

  • Researching area vendors
  • Consulting with you every month
  • Planning your budget
  • Assisting with d├ęcor ideas
  • Setting up the ceremony and reception

Contact us today to purchase the assisted package for your wedding.

When it comes to your wedding, there's no room for mistakes

Imagine stepping onto the dance floor for your first dance as a married couple. All eyes are on you, the emcee has just announced your name and you can't wait to start swaying along to the song you and your other half chose.

And the speakers don't work. With us on the case, you won't have to worry about any electrical, food-related or scheduling problems. We've got everything locked down.

Call 903-225-9385 now to speak with a wedding coordinator in Texarkana, TX.